Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 193

Chapter 193: Face off (8)

Mu Jinwon, one of three most powerful warriors along with the Lord and Great Guardian Marakim, died tragically and shocked everyone in the Great Hall. Clan leaders that sided with Chun Yeowun wanted to cheer in joy, but they couldn't make any noise so they just held back their excitement. And Chun Yeowun's blade skill that countered almost impossible sword skill used by Mu Jinwon shocked them all.

'By the gods! He beat the first elder!'

'Is this true?'

'I didn't even know such blade skill exists!'

And one who got attention was Right Guardian Submeng. It was widely known that Right Guardian Submeng was the one who had taught Yeowun how to use a blade.

"Hmph." Wuxiaworld for visiting.

Submeng coughed as he felt people watching him. But it was Submeng himself who was shocked by Yeowun's blade skill.

'Since when he learned such powerful blade skill?'

He didn't want to accept, but the one used by Yeowun was much stronger than Butterfly Dance Blade. He was only astounded by it.