Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 194

Chapter 194: Face off (9)

Chun Yeowun had grown so powerful not only in his power, but in his forces. If he becomes the heir, it will be the wing that will make him soar.


When Chun Yeowun glared at them with cold eyes, Hang Soyu and Ja Kinkeng looked away without realizing. They instinctively felt fear from the difference in power. Chun Yeowun then knelt down on his one knee and spoke to the Lord.

"I unintentionally made a crime in the Great Hall, to protect myself from being harmed. Please have mercy, my Lord."

'Look at his arrogant words!'

Hang Soyu bit on his lips as she heard Yeowun's confident words. She wanted to add more to it so that Yeowun will be in more trouble, but she couldn't say after she met her eyes with Yeowun. The Lord might have felt something anyway so it was best to leave it up to him.

'Hmph! He hates his authority being challenged more than anything. He will show his discomfort in one way or another.' Wuxiaworld for visiting.