Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 195

Chapter 195: Guest from the Yulin clan (1)

The appointment of the Heir was followed by the coronation ceremony in front of every cultist at the courtyard front of the Lord's palace. But with more serious problems at hand, Chun Yeowun's ceremonial was postponed to later dates. And while empty spots were filled, Yeowun was told to also become the Elder. Unlike the Heir, being an elder allowed Yeowun to enter the Elder's Meeting where all important works were being taken care of, so it was actually a good thing. Four elders from four clans objected as they wanted to stop this from happening, but the Lord pushed it through. They then moved onto the next issue, but Yeowun wasn't allowed to participate from then on.

"Crown Prince, you must go look after your wound." Wuxiaworld for visiting.

People saw Yeowun being struck on by Mu Jinwon's force qi, so the Lord told him to go down to the medical room. His bloody clothes looked like he had taken a serious wound.