Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 201

Chapter 201: Hidden Purpose (2)

Leaders then hesitated. They too had seen Jegal Sohi and Moyong Yu acting strangely, so they already thought this was someone else's trap.

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But the fight had already started so they couldn't ease down, as they were worried that someone on the other side might attack if they let down their guard. Poong Chungwun, then asked, "Crown Prince. What do you propose that we do?"

"We will follow your order, Crown Prince."

Sama Yi then spoke as he watched leaders of Yulin clan suspiciously. Yeowun then pointed at the hall where people were fighting and spoke.

"I want elders and guests from Yulin clan to stop those who are not under an illusion to refrain from fighting."

"And those who are under an illusion?"

"I will take care of them."