Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 202

Chapter 202: Hidden Purpose (3)

The Library of the Demonic Academy was a place where warriors guarded the place on every corner even late at night. But the place around the building was very quiet, with bodies scattered all over the place. All warriors who stood guard were killed and most of the bodies were piled up at the entrance, and had one stab in their neck that killed them. Those who had traces of a fight were those who guarded the inside of the library, but they were killed by the force qi, that their bodies were in bad shape.

"Are they still in there?"

"They will come out soon."

There were two middle-aged men standing at the underground floor. They were super master level warriors who guarded the fifth floor of the library. They had come out of the library when they heard commotion downstairs and found bodies of guards. They then came down to the underground treasure vault, and found warriors who stood guard here were also killed. Wuxiaworld for visiting.