Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 206

Chapter 206: I will not forget this debt (1)

Lee Hameng's internal damage was too severe that it felt like he would fall anytime but Hameng held on and used his running skill. He had fought Sahin by himself, so he knew how powerful their enemy was. If he was too slow, there was a chance for Crown Prince Chun Yeowun to die. Lee Hameng quickly ran toward the training ground and saw cultists closing in from outside.

"LLeft Guardian Lee Hameng reporting to the Lord." Wuxiaworld for visiting.

Lee Hameng got to the Lord Chun Yujong and was barely able to kneel with his one knee. Every cultist around the area became grim at the sight of Lee Hameng with severe injury. Lee Hameng was one of the top ten powerful warriors of the cult, so if he was injured this badly, then it meant the enemy was very powerful. The Lord asked.

"Where is the enemy?"

"At the library building Crown Prince is fighting.. the Blade God Six Martial clan Y-you must go quickly"

"Left Guardian!"