Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 207

Chapter 207: I will not forget this debt (2)

Yeowun became curious, but soon the Lord and other warriors arrived at the library. The Lord wasn't all that excited when he saw Sahin's dead body. It simply looked like he was penetrated to death to untrained eyes, but the Lord saw a clear mark of sword trace over it.

'Is this really his doing?'

If it was, then it meant Chun Yeowun did not use his best against Mu Jinwon. The Lord was now becoming more wary of Chun Yeowun. After looking at the sword trace for a long time, the Lord then turned his attention to the underground treasure vault.

"Was the enemy after this place?"

'Ah' Wuxiaworld for visiting.

Great Guardian Marakim hesitated. They managed to defend themselves against from enemy, but it led to another problem. This incident had revealed the existence of the underground treasure vault that Guardians had kept it secret for generations.0

"I asked, is this the place that the enemy came after?"

"That is correct, my Lord."