Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 209

Chapter 209: I will not forget this debt (4)

The Lord's palace of the Demonic Cult

It was the most lavish and largest building in the Demonic Cult's castle, and home to the Lord himself. And at the training room inside the palace, a middle-aged man walked out drenched in sweat. It was the Lord Chun Yujong. As he shot out his arms like a cross, servants came up to him and took off his clothes and cleaned his body with warm wet towels. Wuxiaworld for visiting.


The Lord let out a deep, exhausted sigh and looked down at the injury that ran across his right shoulder to his chest. He had pushed out a lot of blade energy that came into his body, but it still had side effects. It seemed he required at least 10 more days in meditation to fully recover his organs that were damaged from blade energy. After his servants cleaned him, they dressed him in a new robe and the Lord walked over to another place.