Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 211

Chapter 211: Increase your forces (1)

It was now three days after the incident at the party. Demon Justice Alliance was officially made and was declared to all cultists of the castle. Its reason was to fight against Blade God Six Martial clan, but cultists who had fought against Forces of Justice for a long time were not very happy at the alliance. The people from forces of Justice who were originally planned to stay for at least five more days, sensed this uneasiness and quickly left the castle on the second day morning. But the real reason behind it was different.

'We might have a spy among our clan.' Wuxiaworld for visiting.

It was because of Jegal Sohi's claim. Two leaders didn't believe it easily at first. It was hard to agree that there were spies among the 17 leaders who led the Yulin clan itself. But she began explaining from the day of her kidnapping and all parts that were suspicious, and leaders and members of the Yulin clan realized something was suspicious and decided to return.

'This is an invitation from our Leader.'