Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 215

Chapter 215: Increase your forces (5)

It was just a simple action of taking off the mask, but the effect was enough to shock everyone at the guesthouse. Even Bakgi, who was almost emotionless, became shocked and was dumbfounded. Hu Bong's mouth was open large in his shock.

'Am-am I dreaming?'

Of course, he wasn't. Hu Bong then thought of many events in the past where he stripped naked and walked proudly in front of Mun Ku and all other events. Hu Bong became pale.


Hu Bong covered his face and looked away. Chun Mukeum was also shocked by the unexpected identity of Mun Ku.

'So, he was actually 'she'?'

He didn't imagine a stupid face hiding such beautiful woman underneath the mask. Mun Ku's beauty even made him become astonished. But the problem of this event was elsewhere. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

'God dammit!'