Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 217

Chapter 217: Increase your forces (7)

The shocking claim silenced the gazebo and around for a long time. Hu Bong and Bakgi also became so shocked and looked at Yeowun. They didn't say anything but their expression explained it all.

'M-master? Since when did you even?'

'You are fast.'

Chun Yeowun was also very shocked. This way of speaking would surely make everyone confused.

[I-I'm sorry! I couldn't think of any other way.] Wuxiaworld for visiting.

Yeowun then looked at Mun Ku. She looked up to Yeowun with teary eyes. She looked like a fawn in fear, shaking, so Yeowun blushed and looked away.

'She did it on purpose.'

Mun Ku did this to make her grandfather not take up the proposal. She had no choice as she couldn't let her grandfather make her marry Chun Mukeum. But this also brought another effect that no one expected.