Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 218

Chapter 218: Increase your forces (8)

"Aaaaaargh!!! M-My arm! MY ARM!!!"

Chun Mukeum, who was relieved that he might be spared, screamed in pain from the area where his right arm had been cut off.


Bu Churyong grimaced with shock. He thought Yeowun would let Mukeum go as Yeowun had gotten all he wanted, but it was false hope. Chun Yeowun wasn't that foolish.

'He did it on purpose! Because he knows that we are trying to make Chun Mukeum the new Crown Prince!'

He couldn't believe that Chun Yeowun had made such a decision in such a short moment. With this, Chun Mukeum now had lost all value for their purpose. Bu Churyong truly feared Chun Yeowun. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

'We have no choice'

They had no way to raise any objections. Yeowun could have killed Chun Mukeum on the spot, so letting Mukeum live, even after cutting an arm, was still an act of mercy. Yeowun spoke to them coldly.

"Do you have a problem?"