Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 220

Chapter 220: Anonymous (1)

Mun Yu still had his half-open mouth and drooling with a strange smile on his face. Hu Bong and Bakgi couldn't find much difference, but families who had spent a long time easily found out the difference. This slight difference was enough to make 8th Elder Mun Yun burst in tears.

"My head hurts it hurts"


Mun Yun hugged Mun Yu hard and cried. Mun Yun, after losing his child in an incident, had deep love toward his grandchildren, who were the last of his family members.

Mun Ku also shed tears with joy with her reddened eyes. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

'Master's power is limitless!'

Hu Bong then turned to Yeowun with an astonished look. Bakgi shared the same feeling. He knew that Yeowun was knowledgeable in poison and medications as he once knew Bakgi was poisoned, but Bakgi didn't think it was this much.

'He's like a god himself.'