Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 221

Chapter 221: Anonymous (2)

At midnight, toward the Five Wise Peak, Southwestern side of the Demonic Cult's castle. This peak was the third highest peak in all peaks of the Mountain of Ten Thousand. There was one who was shooting through the peaks in a very quick manner. In just twenty minutes, the man got up to the high peak. As he stepped on the peak, the moonlight shined upon many peaks down. It was a vast and majestic sight. Wuxiaworld for visiting.


Cold air brought steam over the breaths. The one who just got up on the peak was Yin Moha. She had covered her face with her old skin mask to hide that she had gone through body reconstruction.

"Elder Yin."

She then heard a voice. It was the leader of the Sword clan, Kingbonki, with a short beard and aggressive eyes. He was sitting down on a rock, but got up and walked over to Yin Moha.

"I thought three of us would gather again, but there are only two of us now."