Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 222

Chapter 222: Anonymous (3)

About an hour ago, there was someone who arrived at Five Wise Peak. It was Chun Yeowun. After finding out that the day had changed to today, Yeowun talked with Yin Moha and decided to stay at Five Wise Peak first.

'I will go with you.'

Huan Yi said he'd go together as it was dangerous, but Yeowun knew that Anonymous was stronger than the three elders, so he refused. If Anonymous was that strong, then he might find out that there were people hiding and not reveal himself. Yeowun then found a good place to hide. There was a dense bush area at the peak, and he hid within it to wait for Anonymous to appear.

'Second elder.'

The first one that got to the peak was Kingbonki. He too was a superior master level warrior, but he was weaker than Yeowun so he couldn't find Yeowun. Even after a long time, Kingbonki did not sense Yeowun in his hiding. Soon, Yin Moha also got to the peak and finally, the man that Yeowun was waiting for had revealed himself. It was the black-clothed man. Wuxiaworld for visiting.