Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 223

Chapter 223: Anonymous (4)

"You risked your life just for that? Very interesting."

Anonymous aimed his sword at Yeowun.

"But it doesn't change anything." Wuxiaworld for visiting.

If Anonymous couldn't run, then there was only one way. It was to overpower Yeowun as fast as possible. If Yeowun had taken such damage by dropping and thrown into a big wood that caused even the wood to fall back, then it wouldn't take too long to get him down.

"You don't need to fight to know sometimes."

Anonymous then charged out against Yeowun.


The sword formation used by Anonymous was the Twenty Four Demon Sword. It was a completely different sword formation from what Yin Moha recreated. The power of the formation was more than what Yeowun had imagined.


Yeowun let out a breath and grabbed on the White Dragon Blade. The sword formation of the Twenty Four Demon Sword used by Anonymous wasn't something that Yeowun could fight against with the Butterfly Blade Dance.

'I will do my best from the start!'