Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 225

Chapter 225: Anonymous (6)

"Not yet!"

Yin Moha unleashed blue force qi over her sword. She couldn't run away with stepping skill so she gathered up her last energy to attack.

"YOU DIE!" Wuxiaworld for visiting.

She then thrust her sword into Kingbonki's chest. She was ready to give her life away if she failed. But her sword that wielded force qi shattered as if it was an egg that was crushed against a rock. Kingbonki's enlarged muscles acted like metal armor and crashed against the sword that was protected through force qi.

"H-how can this be!"

"It's ticklish! Is this all you got?!" Kingbonki exclaimed. And as he got up, Yin Moha was shadowed from the death itself.


She then slumped down. Kingbonki slowly raised his large hand and grinned.

"Die painfully kakakaka!"

And with that, his fist struck down on Yin Moha's head. She closed her eyes at the fear of death.