Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 226

Chapter 226: Anonymous (7)

Yeowun became shocked at what Great Guardian Marakim just said to him. He couldn't understand why Marakim was addressing him as Chun Ma. Chun Ma was the name of the founding father of the Demonic Cult.

"Great Guardian. What are you talking about?"

"It is as I said, my lord. I am paying proper respect to the current Chun Ma."

Yeowun frowned as Marakim answered seriously. Yin Moha dragged herself over to them and turned to Great Guardian with a confused look.

"My prince. Is he Anonymous?"

"He is the Great Guardian."

"What? He's Great Guardian Marakim?" Wuxiaworld for visiting.

Yin Moha, who always had no expression, showed her surprise this time. The first surprise came from knowing that Anonymous was actually the Great Guardian, and the second surprise came from seeing Marakim's true face for the first time. Marakim's face did not look like he was from Jianghu.

'So it was the Great Guardian who gathered three elders until now'