Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 227

Chapter 227: Anonymous (8)

Yin Moha was surprised to find out the truth.

"Guardian of the Sky Demon Order always acted covertly under the Lord, so no other cultist knows of this."

And the Great Guardian Marakim knew when no other cultists should have known.

"Wait then you mean?"

Marakim nodded to Yeowun's question.

"Yes. I am the Guardian of the Sky Demon. It is the secret title given to all of the Great Guardians in history."


Marakim then reached into his pocket and took out a blue pearl medal. On the front, it had the Great Guardian's symbol engraved on it. But on the back, there was an engraving that said 'Sky Demon Order.'

"S-Sky Demon Order!"

The seal and the order of Chun Ma itself were engraved on the Great Guardian's medal. What's interesting was that there was a line crossed across the Sky Demon Order engraving. It seemed like it had been made so that the seal could not be reused to fake it.

"This medal was made by Father Chun Ma himself." Wuxiaworld for visiting.