Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 229

Chapter 229: Walking into the trap (2)

It was the next morning when Yeowun returned to the castle of Demonic Cult. Yeowun was able to restore his internal energy quickly, but Marakim and Yin Moha acquired internal damage so they had to take some time meditating, and Yeowun hand to protect them while they were going through meditation. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

'I will enter the castle from another gate.'

Marakim said they couldn't enter the castle together since it would cause needless suspicion, so he went to a different gate. Yeowun then came to the western gate with Yin Moha without her mask. Yeowun did not go in and out of the castle gate much, but it seemed the guard was tighter.

'Something's weird.'

Guards that stood guard on the castle gate were always surprised to see Yeowun's medal, but they were different today. They seemed surprised but it was different.

'Nano. Tap telepathic messages.'

Yeowun ordered and Nano immediately responded.

[Yes, master. Configuring different sound vibrations to the user's ear drum.]