Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 238

Chapter 238: True Successor (5)

The Lord was unleashing his anger as if there was someone there behind the pillar. But there was no one there. Every person in the hall became shocked as they couldn't sense or see anyone there.


'W-why is he doing that?' Wuxiaworld for visiting.

The Lord's action was shocking indeed. Yeowun frowned while looking at the Lord truly doing this, and remembered the conversation from yesterday at the peak of Five Wise Peak. Yin Moha asked Marakim then.

'Great Guardian. Why did you have to change the date to an earlier date?'

'That is because the Lord has been pushing me away lately.'

'He's pushing you away?' Yin Moha asked back, confused. But it was true. Ever since the underground treasure vault was revealed, the Lord looked very suspiciously at the Great Guardian. When Marakim was on different missions outside the office of the Lord's palace, he now had people watching over him. Marakim then realized he couldn't act on his own any longer, so he had to change the date.