Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 239

Chapter 239: True Successor (6)

Bu Churyong frowned as he watched the Lord shouting at the pillar. He wasn't sure if he could believe Yeowun, but this confirmed Yeowun's claim.

'Something really happened to the Lord.'

This was not something that can be considered lightly. If the Lord, leader of 100 thousand cultists, lost his sanity, then it meant a giant boat was without its captain. Great Guardian Marakim knelt down on his knee and shouted. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

"My Lord. There is no one behind that pillar. And Prince Chun Yujing died a long time ago."


Marakim revealed the truth in hopes that the Lord might come back. If the Lord did not accept that he was going mad and accept that he be treated, then the situation was going to get worse.

"Please, you have to go see the Demon Doctor to"

That's when a sharp energy shot past his neck. His right side was left with a cut and blood dripped down from it. If he moved his head a bit slower, his head would have been cut off.