Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 241

Chapter 241: Culprit (1)

Air sword was a technique to control swords without ever touching them. With the swords flying on their own, it allowed the user to move the swords more in a variety of ways to increase the power of formation. But the technique had a weakness. The technique was used by the supreme master level warrior using his trained focus and energy. If the user lost focus or was not sane, then it was hard to control it.

When Lord Chun Yujong was normal, he could have controlled over 10 swords, but he now could barely use 7 swords.

'D-does he have experience against air swords?'

Most warriors would be shocked to fight against air sword for the first time, but Yeowun didn't seem to care and used another technique to fight against it. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

'I should thank the Great Guardian.'

If Yeowun had not experienced air sword while fighting Marakim, he might have had a hard time. And more fortunately, the seven air sword used by the Lord was actually weaker in power when Marakim used it with one of his sword.