Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 244

Chapter 244: Culprit (4)

That was the answer Chun Inji gave to Chun Yujong's question on why he was chosen. It was curious as Chun Inji specifically said 'danger', but Chun Inji did not go into detail. After explaining many things that the Lord should know and do, Chun Inji asked Chun Yujong.

'The throne is not only power. It is a responsibility. You now bear the lives of 100 thousand cultists on your back. Ease your anger inside of you and think only for the future of the cult.'

'I understand.'

Chun Yujong then swore an oath at the altar that he would serve his entire life to the cult. And with that, Chun Yujong became the Lord, and to keep the promise, he eased his anger. But the anger that already had placed within his heart didn't die out that easily. He took in wives from the six clans as a tradition but he couldn't love any of them.

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