Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 245

Chapter 245: Culprit (5)

To turn the tide, Chun Yujong had to use Blood God's Reversion Art that he withheld using for 7 years. The energy exploded immediately and turned him into a beast and Hang Yen had to retreat without a victory.

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He feared for Chun Yujong who seemed to not care about his own life. And with the top five warriors of the Jianghu retreating, Chun Yujong earned the title of top five warrior of the Jianghu followed by Chun Inji. But Chun Yujong's excitement over the victory did not last long.


Chun Yujong was enraged when he heard of the death of his wife, Hwa Yun. Demon Doctor Baek Jongwu declared that she had died from poisoning and Chun Yujong ordered a search in the cult to find the killer. But he couldn't find the person who poisoned her. And what was even more painful was