Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 246

Chapter 246: Culprit (6)

He wished the Buju Sword Clan would also react to it, but they were silent. Right Guardian Submeng didn't seem all that happy at the order however as he thought Yujong was using Chun Yeowun as bait. But this process was needed so the six clans will be weakened slowly.

'That boy is only a chess piece. He is a chess piece'

He had to remind himself multiple times so he would not get soft. And three years had passed. With Jurkang castle falling to a mysterious clan, Chun Yujong made a deal with the Yulin clan from the forces of justice and went on to take back the castle. He decided to make it quick, as it might start a war in fifteen years.

'I have to solve this before he graduates from the academy.' Wuxiaworld for visiting.