Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 247

Chapter 247: Culprit (7)

Great Guardian Marakim had told Chun Yeowun of the truth. He said that Lord Chun Yujong had not shown in public, but always helped and protected Chun Yeowun in a way that it cannot be seen. But Chun Yeowun couldn't believe everything. To him, the Lord was cold hearted man who did not even visit even when Lady Hwa died.

'Mother waited for the Lord even on her dying breath.'

Yeowun couldn't ease down his anger toward the Lord when he remembered his mother. And he also saw the Lord using him multiple times.

'He used me as a chess piece but he was actually trying to protect me?' Wuxiaworld for visiting.

He couldn't believe it. But if the Great Guardian said was true, and the Lord was just gone mad from using Blood Reversion Art, then Yeowun needed to correct this first.

'If that really is true, I will listen to it from his own mouth.'

While Marakim and Yin Moha was undergoing meditation to heal their wounds, Yeowun went to check on Kingbonki's body.

'Nano, can you analyze a body?'