Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 249

Chapter 249: Culprit (9)

With the official order from the Lord Chun Ma, the clan leaders moved quickly. Chun Yeowun's authority and power he showed was enough to make cultists follow him. Clan Leaders all charged out of the hall and began to arrest the Palace Guards. The warriors within the top 200 of the cult began searching the palace, and the progress was quick.

There were also other palace guards inside the hall. These were the twelve best warriors from the Palace Guards that were appointed directly under the Lord. 3rd Elder Bu Churyong walked over to them with blue force qi over his hand.

"Do not resist," Bu Churyong warned and ten warriors went down on their knees, showing their sign of surrender. They only moved under the Lord's order, but when Chun Yujong used Blood reversion art, they realized something had gone wrong and surrendered. But not all of them were real Palace Guards. Two of them within the hall looked weird. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

'What should I do?'