Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 251

Chapter 251: Coronation (1)

Fourth Elder Ja Kinkeng and Sixth Elder Mong Oh were leading their groups toward the mansion of the Buju Sword clan located on the east side of the castle. There weren't a lot of spies within the palace guards as the palace guards were appointed through careful screening.

"Make it quick!"

"Yes, sir!"

There was a reason why Ja Kinkeng and Mong Oh were moving so quickly. A while ago, one of the traitors from the palace guards blew a whistle, but they weren't sure what the signal meant. It was possible that the remaining traitors might try to escape so they had to work fast. All castle gates were sealed and the entire castle was under emergency mode, so they thought it wasn't be easy for them to run.

"L-look!" Wuxiaworld for visiting.

Then they saw black smoke coming up from the direction they were running from. They also saw flame coming up. Ja Kinkeng and Mong Oh then had to work to put out the fire at the mansion of the Buju Sword clan.

"Put out the fire!"

"Keep it contained!"

"Ugh.. we are late."