Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 252

Chapter 252: Coronation (2)

"Yes? But the Great Meeting will be held soon"

The Great Meeting was going to be held very soon. Clan leaders were already gathering at the Great Halls.

"It won't be long."


Chun Yeowun then came out of the office with Marakim and Huan Yi to head into the medical room. There were many warriors from the Guardians standing guard, and there was one who was the most important one staying in the medical room now.

"Hail Lord Chun Ma!"

Warriors all knelt down when Yeowun appeared. They truly admired Chun Yeowun, as it was Yeowun who saved the Guardians from disbandment. With warriors shouting in unison, Demon Doctor Baek Jongwu and other doctors came out from the room.

"Hail, Lord Chun Ma."

Doctors bowed and Yeowun also bowed back. All the doctors seemed exhausted, as they had spent the whole night treating a patient. Yeowun spoke to Baek Jongwu.

"How's it going, Doctor Baek?"

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