Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 253

Chapter 253: Coronation (3)

In most cases, things that will be talked over at the Great Meeting had to be talked over at the Elder's meeting. There had been many things that were discussed at the Elder's meeting that was held overnight, but there wasn't anything regarding Chun Yeowun's coronation. The three elders were relieved that none of the elders siding with Chun Yeowun spoke of it, so they were shocked to hear this.

"G-Great Guardian. May I object?"

Fifth Elder Hang Soyu raised an objection and got up. She then looked at Great Guardian Marakim and spoke. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

"This has not been talked over before."

"Y-yes. I am not sure why we are talking about an issue that we have not talked over at the Elder's meeting."

Fourth Elder Ja Kinkeng also rose up to add the comment. If they didn't do something, it looked like Chun Yeowun's coronation ceremony would be decided. They couldn't let that happen before setting their scores with Chun Yeowun.