Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 254

Chapter 254: Coronation (4)

Lee Hameng frowned as he watched them from Yeowun's side. They lost in their votes so they were now insisting that they should wait for the Lord to wake up.

'If this is the case, we have to drag as much as time we can so we can regain our forces.'

They had to rebuild their forces before Chun Yeowun could build his forces and build the entire Demonic Cult under his leadership. Or else, the six clans that had reigned over the cult for 500 years were going to crumble.

'They are not going down easily.'

Mun Yun became grim. There was no good in fighting internally. Mun Yun turned to Yeowun.

'He's not happy about this.'

Chun Yeowun was looking coldly at the three elders. Everyone in his forces knew that Chun Yeowun hated the six clans. The three clans were safe only because Yeowun's elders suggested that Yeowun should keep them under his arms so that the Demonic Cult would not suddenly become weakened.

'I hoped he can become the Lord fast and start controlling those clans.' Wuxiaworld for visiting.