Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 255

Chapter 255: Coronation (5)

After watching Chun Yeowun drinking the glass, the three elders confirmed that the food was okay. All that remained was to enjoy this small feast and talk about what they wanted. The first was to talk about the empty elder seat from the First Elder. High number elder seats were important seats that had power to control the cult's forces and many of its affairs, so it was essential.

'And if we retrieve forces from the disbanded Sword clan and their worksites, then we will regain our power back.'

The three clans going missing was a downsize of their power, but it was also fortunate. They now had only three to share the pie with. And it was also likely that their future descendants would have a chance at becoming the Lord, as the seats belonged to the Wise and Sword clans for the past hundred years. Wuxiaworld for visiting.