Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 257

Chapter 257: Coronation (7)

Chun Yeowun was on his chair, placed in front of the desk inside the Lord's office. On the table, there were two right arms that were heavily medicated for preservation. These were the weak arms of the ladies that were cut off last night. One came from the Blade clan and one came from the Lust clan two days ago.

'I am sorry, but Lady Ja already passed away.'

Lady Ja of the Loyal clan died already, so Fourth Elder Ja Kinkeng was unfortunately not able to cut down his family member's arm. Yeowun frowned as he looked at these arms.

'So, they value their lives more.'

Yeowun had wished that these elders, who were top leaders of the cult, would uphold their family and pride and go against Yeowun's absurd request. But these leaders showed their greed for power.

'They will go off the limit for their own safety.'

It was disgusting and bitter to see this as the cult that had been led by these kinds of people. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

'They're lucky that they can live for now.'