Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 258

Chapter 258: Coronation (8)

There was a long red velvet carpet laid down in the courtyard that was connected to the main palace building. On either side of the carpet, all leaders of the cult were standing by. They were all dressed in formal clothes, waiting.

"Master is becoming the Lord!"

Ko Wanghur spoke with an astounded look, while Bakgi and Yeowun's others members nodded. They all looked overwhelmed and happy. Just until a while ago, they were at the Demonic Academy, concerned about how Yeowun would compete in the competition and become the Crown Prince, but now Chun Yeowun was the Lord.

"But I feel sad for Hu Bong." Wuxiaworld for visiting.

Sama Chak spoke as he thought about Hu Bong who wasn't with them. The place beside the carpets were only allowed for those with master or higher rank within the cult, so Hu Bong was left behind just like the other regular cultists.

"Well, rules are rules."