Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 259

Chapter 259: Coronation (9)

Chun Yeowun, once the lowest rank within the candidates to the heir, was now becoming the Lord of the Demonic Cult. The person Yeowun that came to his mind most was his mother Lady Hwa. He wanted to show his mother what he had become the most, but she was in a better place.

'I will change the Demonic Cult, so that there won't be any more tragedies like that.'

He had thought about this and worked on it thousands of times. When Yeowun got to the stage, elders, clan leaders and warriors all divided into two sides and stood in front of the stage.

Yeowun began to take steps up onto the stage. As Yeowun got up, there were tens of thousands of cultists below filling up the outside courtyard. Yeowun didn't know before as he was below this stage before, but standing up here and looking at these people was a breathtaking experience.


"It is our Lord Chun Ma!"

"Lord Chun Ma has come up onto the stage!!!" Wuxiaworld for visiting.