Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 261

Chapter 261: Going out to Yulin (2)

First Elder, Suh Deng.

Second Elder, Yin Moha.

Third Elder, Mun Yun. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

Fourth Elder, Yang Danwa.

Fifth Elder, Bu Churyong.

Sixth Elder, Mong Mu.

Seventh Elder, Huan Yi.

Eighth Elder, Mong Oh.

Ninth Elder, Sama Yi.

Tenth Elder, Ja Kinkeng.

Eleventh Elder, Hang Soyu.

Twelveth Elder Gu Chuyong.

The Twelveth Elder was only elder who had not reached the superior master level, but had managed to survive in the competition to acquire the elder spot. It was a huge change after 500 years. Adding to this, Yeowun announced a new change in the Great Meeting. He declared that the elder spots will be tested once every five years. This meant that all current elders were required to train if they wanted to hold their spot and there were chances for others who had not become elders.

'I will divide up the Palace Guards into six groups.'