Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 262

Chapter 262: Going out to Yulin (3)

'Elite team?'

Marakim's idea was simple: send elite warriors who weren't known to the outside world. Of course, these warriors had to be highly skilled so that they can protect the Godly Doctor. The warriors appointed were Yin Moha, Hou Sangwha, and Bakgi. As for Yin Moha, she always wore the mask of her older self so no one knew about her younger look. And they were helped with a spy agent who had experience in the forces of Justice region.

'They will do it well.'

Marakim spoke assuringly. It was a dangerous mission, but it was likely that they will succeed.

And a month had passed. There were people dueling within the training ground inside the Lord's palace. There were four people fighting against one man.

A large man unleashed his fist formation. It was Ko Wanghur. And other three who fought alongside him were Sama Chak, Mun Ku, and Che Takim. They were using their best skills to fight against one man, almost as if they were fighting for real.

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