Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 263

Chapter 263: Going out to Yulin (4)

Ten days ago

The forest was deep with dense fog that hindered one's sight. The place was a creek that was commonly covered with such fog. And within the forest were four warriors with swords on their waists, preparing to travel toward the creek, outside the restaurant. They were the special expedition team sent by the Demonic Cult. It was led by Yin Moha, Hou Sangwha, Bakgi, and an agent from the covert operations team.

"If you pass through that forest, you will see the creek."

The old man standing in front of the restaurant spoke as he pointed at the eastern side of the forest. Bakgi bowed to the old man. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

"Thank you, sir."

"Don't thank me. I just taught you a way to your death. Don't blame me since I told you multiple times that it's suicide to go into that creek on a day like today with that much fog."

The old man shook his head and walked into the restaurant.


Bakgi regretted showing thanks for that slight moment.