Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 265

Chapter 265: Night in the Inn (1)

Thunders roared and heavy rain started to fall. If Chun Yeowun's group was a bit late, then they would have been drenched in the rain. Every guest inside the dining hall all turned to the entrance that opened. Warrior Monks from the Mudan clan also turned also. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

'This is troubling.'

Yang Danwa frowned at the situation where they had come across warrior monks from the Mudan clan right by the inn near Sword Creek. The Mudan clan was one of the strongest clans within the Yulin clan.

'I tried to avoid meeting foxes and now we have come right into the tiger's den.'

Of course, Yan Danwa was the Elder and a warrior who always searched for war so he wasn't afraid of them. But they had Lord Chun Yeowun with them. It was like the king was moving by himself, so they weren't sure what the Yulin clan might try to do if they found out. Yang Danwa sent a telepathic message to Yeowun.

[My Lord, there are quite a few warriors from the forces of justice in here.]