Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 266

Chapter 266: Night in the Inn (2)

As they ordered simple meat noodles and food, they talked normally while sending telepathic messages for important messages. The orange tag that could bring them to the Godly Doctor was given to the special expedition team, so they had to search through the entire Sword Creek.

"Let's hope the rain stops tomorrow."

While they were talking, the old man brought out the food from the kitchen and placed it down on the table. At least he didn't carry his pipes while he was carrying food.

"Well, the rain will stop early morning tomorrow."

It seemed he had heard a bit of what they talked. Hu Bong said, "The rain is so heavy. Do you really think so?"

"Haha. I have lived in this region for 30 years. We are not in the monsoon period. This is just passing rain." Wuxiaworld for visiting.

"Oh! That's good!"

Hu Bong spoke excitedly to Yeowun and the old man frowned and asked, "Hmm Are you folks trying to enter Sword Creek?"