Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 267

Chapter 267: Night in the Inn (3)

Chun Yeowun and Mun Ku awkwardly entered the room. They once used the same dormitory room back when they were cadets at the Demonic Academy, but this felt entirely different. They were young and didn't have any feelings for each other back then. Now, it was different.

Besides, there weren't any of the other cadets like before. Only Chun Yeowun and Mun Ku were in the room. Wuxiaworld for visiting.


Mun Ku's face blushed as she didn't know what to do. And when they walked into the room, there was another thing that made them shocked.


"There's only one bed."

The room that was said to be two-person room was larger than they thought but there was only one bed. It seemed like this room was the room that Monk Mu Jinja had given to them.

"I-I think there was a mistake. M-my Lord. I will go ask Hu Bong to change rooms."