Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 268

Chapter 268: Night in the Inn (4)

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Yeowun then became surprised and turned away. He knew that she wouldn't take off all her clothes with him here, but it still felt embarrassing. As he waited, he felt Mun Ku coming near him.


And when Yeowun turned, he froze. Mun Ku was without her skin mask and was standing a foot away from Yeowun. Mun Ku's beautiful face lit under low candlelight made Yeowun's heart pound harder than ever.

Mun Ku looked up to Yeowun who was blushing, and her lips were so tempting. Yeowun became embarrassed and stuttered, "W-why did you take off your mask?"

Mun Ku smiled as Yeowun's embarrassed reaction felt lovely to her. She still had a pure and beautiful smile just like when she showed herself to Yeowun the first time under the moonlight at the academy. She spoke to Yeowun who was watching her with a mesmerized look.