Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 269

Chapter 269: Night in the Inn (5)

The old man lowered his body to pick up the orange tag that the dead man dropped. He then put it into his pocket and raised his body up to stretch his waist. It looked like he had been faking his hunched back and stood straight up.

"I wasted too much time in order to get this." Wuxiaworld for visiting.

The old man shook his head. The energy arousing from within him and the air about him changed suddenly and Yang Danwa realized it was dangerous. It was then that the man disappeared into a trace. It was the mirror image technique.


Yang Danwa quickly pulled out his blade and swung forward. The old man then appeared in front and backed away to dodge the attack. Yang Danwa glared at the old man as he was getting soaked from the heavy rain. The old man grinned.

"Oh, you are quicker than I thought."

If the raindrop hadn't splashed in front of his eyes, Yang Danwa would not have realized the old man had come for him. The old man was at least stage stronger than Yang Danwa himself.