Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 272

Chapter 272: Sword Creek, Grave of swords (2)

Yeowun ran there and found footsteps in the mud. But there were the footsteps of two people instead of one. Luckily, the rain made the ground become muddy, leaving many traces.

'They couldn't erase the tracks.'

If it was just sand or dirt, it would have been easy to erase everything, but it was hard to erase footsteps left on mud. But where these footsteps were heading was Wuxiaworld for visiting.

"It moved toward the sound."

It was the location of the sound. Maybe if they went to the place, they can find the old man. But it wasn't sure why the old man left one person alive.

"Let's follow the footsteps."

"Yes, sir."

Yeowun's members began to follow the footsteps. There was already a way created through it, so Hu Bong didn't need to cut out any more bushes. After walking about 10 minutes, they were at the end of the bushes.