Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 274

Chapter 274: Sword Creek, Grave of swords (4)

The fire powder had its own purpose, but if the person was inside there, then it wasn't likely for him to set it to explode.

[What should we do, my Lord?]

[Wait here.]

[Yes, my Lord.]

Yeowun then decided he should check it out first, as walking in without checking first could be dangerous.

'Nano, activate Nightvision mode.' Wuxiaworld for visiting.

[Activating nightvision mode on user's sight.]

Nano's voice rang out and Yeowun's eye shook before taking in more light exposure. Yeowun now clearly saw what was inside the cave. But the distance was still too far to look at it clearly.

[Wait here.]

Yeowun took ten steps in and saw a person far away.

'Nano, can you zoom in?'

[Zooming in on current sight.]

The faint person figure was then zoomed in. When it was zoomed in enough, Yeowun became shocked.


The cave was a dead end. There was a man sitting there, shaking his head frantically. This was the reason for the light shaking within.

'That man..'