Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 277

Chapter 277: Within the Sword Creek (3)

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There was a place where the entire area was surrounded by giant rocks. There was opening on the top, so it was only visible from high up. And within the place, there was a large mansion. Inside the mansion's building, there were a whole bunch of pots brewing medicines and the storage of various medicinal herbs. It looked like a hospital of some kind from the first glimpse.

This place was the hideout of the Godly Doctor located within the large rock of the Sword Creek. Inside, there were many beds with one man getting treated above it. The man was the Fourth Elder of Demonic Cult, Yang Danwa. He moaned in pain.


"Alright, alright. Man up, will you?"

There was an old woman holding on to Yang Danwa's head so he wouldn't move. She looked well over her sixties but she had a very well built body. Her thick arms reminded one of a heavily-built body like Ko Wanghur.