Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 278

Chapter 278: Within the Sword Creek (4)

She then left the building with the two warriors standing guard following her. When she left, Yang Danwa heard a telepathic message coming to him.

[Did you see that?] Wuxiaworld for visiting.

Yang Danwa turned to the direction, and there was a beautiful woman with thick eyebrows looking at him with her arms crossed, sitting on a bed on the opposite side. It was Second Elder Yin Moha. She too was safe. However, Yang Danwa saw Yin Moha's true face for the first time after he got here, so he looked awkward searching for Yin Moha's younger look.

[I think she's being watched. And so are we.]

Two warriors who stood guard had left together with the doctor, but there were still eyes watching them from the dark. Yang Danwa felt the presence of people watching inside the room. That's why they were talking over telepathic messages.

[Elder Yin. What is going on here?]

They couldn't talk about it because Yang Danwa had to be treated by the doctor ever since he got here. Yin Moha sighed and answered.