Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 285

Chapter 285: Emergence (4)

'Even that fool who only trains in energy force said 12 was the limit. That's just a bluff.'

Even controlling 12 was limited to simple movements. Most people who could control swords with Air Sword was limited to three to five.

'He's a fool. Trying to bluff in front of the same supreme master level warrior.' Wuxiaworld for visiting.

The old man was certain that all those floating swords were just a show. It was probably Yeowun's plan to demoralize enemies as they were outnumbered. Yeowun then spoke to the old man.

"Do you think it's a bluff?"

"Oh? If not, then why don't you show"

But before the old man could finish, Yeowun aimed his finger at the masked men. Hundreds of swords then began to make a move.

'No way. That's not going to work.'

The old man shook his head. Something didn't feel right but he denied the possibility and held on his sword and tried to jump toward Yeowun. At that moment, Yeowun ordered Nano.

'Nano, help me with this.'

Nano's voice responded within Yeowun's head.