Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 288

Chapter 288: You think I could not do it (1)

The old man didn't die from the wound. Among those 8 directional markings on the ground that shot out from Yeowun as the center, one of them was cut off in the middle. It was where the old man fell on the ground. When Yeowun used the seventh formation of the blade skill of the Blade God's skill, he controlled his power so he will not kill the man. The old man was one of leader who appeared at Jurkang Castle in the past, so it was likely that he knew more information than those spies that entered the cult.


With a scream, the last of the masked men fell to the ground. They were no match against the Second and Fourth Elder of the Demonic Cult. Yin Moha and Yang Danwa also had one enemy alive for each of them.

'It's amazing.'

Gam Rosu became astounded, as she was still hanging onto Bakgi's back. She first thought it was lucky enough that she escaped with these people's help but this was more than she had imagined. for visiting.

'That young man is a monster.'